UPCOMING CLASSES FALL OF 2017 dates and times to be announced


"CREATIVE CONFIDENCE" tap into your creativityand never let go. Feel the PASSION the INSPIRATION.

Creativity is yes for  making, art, making music, or writing.... but creativity... is also  necessary for a culture to thrive. 

To help visualize a project to completion, for business, designing a new product

Tap into the creativity you always have had. Just turn off the tapes which were turned on when you were young by people you thought you trusted and CREATE!    BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.

You will be taken through a series of steps and guided to get rid of the judgment and fear and you will open you up to all possibilities.............."CREATIVE CONFIDENCE."

"The Creative Adult is the Child Who Survived" 
"Honor Your Inner Child and Create"

"Honoring Peoples Lives
Healing from grief creating cathartic collages, from loss of a loved one, illness or traumatic experience. The collages will be created layering, papers, written word, photos, drawings and more. Adult six week class.

"Movement, Meditation, and Compassion
A children's centering class teaching, creative movement, meditation, positive language, and compassion.
Children ages 5-12 

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