Bio for PATRICIA ANN WILSON ARTIST   a local     Seattle, WA,   USA

PROFESSIONAL ARTISTCOLLEGE ART INSTRUCTOR, CHILDREN'S ART TEACHER, ART HEALER, EDUCATOR, and MONTESSORI TEACHER.                                                                                                                                  The main mediums in which I work  are COLLAGE, WATERCOLOR, DRAWING, MONO PRINT, and CERAMIC SCULPTURE. 

 I am also bringing to completion five children's books which I wrote and Illustrated.......they will be available soon. I have two undergraduate degrees in art.  As I explored the mediums and styles of learning in Art Education I attended a combination of schools. I have two degrees in art and attended the art institute in Chicago, the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Cornish College of the Arts, and the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where I  earned a BFA in Drawing and Painting, along with a minor in African Dance and a background in Arts Education.  I also have a Masters in Art Therapy from Mount Mary College.  Along with my arts education I completed an apprenticeship in Fine Art Lithography where I had the pleasure of working with Jacob Lawrence on his lithographs. I combined my passion for art along with my passion for teaching and quide children and adults in the creative process. I have taught art in Seattle, WA and Milwaukee, WI Montessori Schools. I have also taught Art in Seattle and Milwaukee Middle Schools working with K - 8th grades. I have taught drawing, watercolor, collage and printmaking at, University of Washington (Children at College, Shoreline and North Seattle Community Colleges, Seattle Central Community College, Pratt Fine Art, Gage Academy of Fine Art, Bellevue Art Museum, Milwaukee Art Museum, Community Centers, Daniel Smith Artist Materials, and more. I have exhibited and taught internationally. 

PATRICIA ANN WILSON'S STUDIO , Seattle, WA (ColumbiaCity)                                                                contact for address


"CREATIVE INSPIRATIONS ARTS EDUCATION"   Arts Classes for Children ages 3 and older and adults

"JUST GLUE IT"  6:30 pm - 9:00 pm  The Last Saturday Evening  of the month and 1:00- 3:00 every fourth  Sunday beginning April 29 , $12.00.  I give a demo each meeting. I suppy some materials, we  make collage to music, sharing ideas,  drinks and snacks. Some supplies are given.   The group also exhibits together.       PLEASE reserve your space ahead.........206 225 8489

"People, Places and Things" Group Collage show Patricia Ann Wilson curated and has three pieces in up thru April, 2016. Thirteen artists. Closing Party Thursday April 21, 6:00 - 8:00pm
4150 First Ave South. Show comes down April 24.  Collage, "Painting with Paper," WORKSHOP. Saturday, APRIL 9, 10 - 4pm $75.00 r
egister with me, 206 225 8489
0r Call Daniel Smith Artist Materials
Thursday Evenings,    July  -  August ,                  6:30 pm - 9:00  pm      8   sessions        $140.00

Collage is a French word meaning to glue. In Collage, "Painting with Paper," the collage artist will be creating paintings by layering papers both found and purchased. The artist will be working from realism to abstraction with an emphasis on color mixing, value, and composition. 

Creative Confidence Consulting.                                                          Make private appointments
ARTS HEALING SESSIONS {Healing from the Grief of the Loss of a Loved One)
Creating Sacred Places    (Creating Altars)   Honoring a Loved One

Saturday Art Classes at Wedgewood Montessori  BEGINNING APRIL 30, 2016            

"Having Fun with Printmaking"  ages 3-9 years    SAT. 9:30 - 11:30am      6 weeks         $75.00 
Begins April 29th second session
My Columbia City Studio, Seattle, WA 98118
call 206 225 8489 or

"Drawing and Collage"   ages 3-9years       SAT.    12:-00pm - 2:00pm      6  weeks         $75.00
Begins April 29th  second session
My Columbia City Studio, Seattle, WA 98118
call 206 225 8489 or                                                                      

"Clay Creations"   ages 3 - 9 years              SAT. 2:30pm - 4:30 pm           6  weeks         $75.00 
Begins April 29
My Columbia City Studio, Seattle, WA 98118
call 206 225 8489 or                                              

STUDIO CLASSES FOR CHILDREN                                     Sundays
"Express Yourself Self Portrait"  6 weeks         $75.00    intimate studio
ages 5-12              1:00pm-2:30pm

HEALING ARTS                                                                       Sundays
"Honoring Peoples Lives"           6 weeks         $75.00    intimate studio
Creating Portraits and Healing from Grief   
Adult                   3:00pm-5:00pm

"Creating Art With Found Objects" 6 weeks    $75.00    intimate studio
ages 6-12            12:00pm-2:00pm      

"Business of Art"              6 weeks                   $75.00     intimate studio
Adult                                                                                7:00pm-9:00pm

WEEKLY SCHEDULE more to be announced


Tuesday BUSINESS OF ART Adult 7:00pm-9:00pm 6 weeks $75.00

Wednesday MOSAICS Adult 7:00pm-9:00pm 6weeks $75.00

Thursday Open FIGURE DRAWING weekly Live Model Adult 7:00pm-9:30pm $7.00 per one session

Friday RYTHMIC EXPRESSIONS Paint Dance Adult 7:00pm-9:00pm $10.00 per one session


Art Movie viewing and open discussion / snack luck Adult 6:30pm-9:30pmish $2.00 donation

UPCOMING CLASSES FALL OF 2017 dates and times to be announced


"CREATIVE CONFIDENCE" tap into your creativityand never let go. Feel the PASSION the INSPIRATION.

Creativity is yes for  making, art, making music, or writing.... but creativity... is also  necessary for a culture to thrive. 

To help visualize a project to completion, for business, designing a new product

Tap into the creativity you always have had. Just turn off the tapes which were turned on when you were young by people you thought you trusted and CREATE!    BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF.

You will be taken through a series of steps and guided to get rid of the judgment and fear and you will open you up to all possibilities.............."CREATIVE CONFIDENCE."

"The Creative Adult is the Child Who Survived" 
"Honor Your Inner Child and Create"

"Honoring Peoples Lives
Healing from grief creating cathartic collages, from loss of a loved one, illness or traumatic experience. The collages will be created layering, papers, written word, photos, drawings and more. Adult six week class.

"Movement, Meditation, and Compassion
A children's centering class teaching, creative movement, meditation, positive language, and compassion.
Children ages 5-12 


SATURDAY  and SUNDAY ART CLASSES for CHILDREN and Adults private classes.
Beginning in May.
Children's Classes
MAY 26th - JUNE 30,  July 7 - August 11th
$15.00 per class, $75.00 per six week session, $145.00 per two sessions.
$10.00 discount if you sign up with a friend.

In her Studio Seattle, Washington
Children's Classes

The Young Artist will learn art skills but also learn art vocabulary and  build personal confidence. The creative skills and confidence learned in these classes will help a student be open to new ideas in other areas of his / her life, writing, math, science concepts and more.

Having Fun With Print Making              SATURDAYS   9:30-11:30am                                     
Ages 3-6 years old  $15.00 per class     or         $75.00  per session
Mono Print, Fruit and Veggie Printing, Making rubber stamps, and more  

Exploring Textures     Mixed Medium Class TBA TIME AND DATE
Ages 3-6    $15.00 per class or $75.00. per session

Mixed Medium DRAWING                     TBA TIME AND DATE
Ages 6-12   $15.00 per class or $75.00. per session

Express Yourself Self Portraits            SATURDAYS 1:00-2:30pm                                    
Ages 6-12  $15.00 per class     or          $75.00  per session
Drawing, Mono Print, Mosaic, Painting on Fabric
The young artist learns what is a portrait, the basic skills of face part relationship. The artist is then able to express themselfs through creating their own portrait. There will be exams shown of such artists as  Close, van Gogh, Warhol, and more 

Creating with Found Objects                 SUNDAYS   12:00-2:00pm                             
Ages 6-12  $15.00   per class    or     $75 .00  per session
From Robots  to Cars

206 225 8489              


SURVIVING DES, Dedication to a Lost Child

The watercolors and drawings, "Surviving DES, " are a response to being a DES baby. My mother was given a drug, dietholstylbestrol, when she was pregnant with me. I have health issues as the result. The women who were given this drug between the 1940's through the late 1970's were actually being experimented on by the drug companies. These paintings and drawings, are  my positive response to a negative situation. My art is my catharsis.